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Magnum Pack
Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird, Release Year: 1989,
Genre: Cycling/Mixed Sports/Skateboard, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

BMX Kidz
Pogostick Olympics

Skateboard Joust
Also included in this compilation is; Turbo Boat Simulator.
But this game isn't a sportgame, so no more info is available.

BMX Kidz

Copyright/Publisher: Firebird/Gigglywurx
Programming By:
Jo 'Gi-Jo' Bonar & Dave 'Ubik' Korn

Graphics By:
Paul Doherty & Bob Stevenson (Loading Screen)

Music By: Rob Hubbard & Jori Olkkonen
Release Year: 1987, Number Of Players: 1

BMX KidzBMX Kidz

Skateboard Joust

Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird
Conversion By: Daisysoft
Original By: J Closs
Programmed By: D.J. Jorrell
Music & FX By: Tonal Teapot
Release Year: 1988, Number Of Players: 1

Skateboard JoustSkateboard Joust

Pogostick Olympics

Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird
Music By: Matt Gray
Release Year: 1988
Number Of Players: 1

Pogostick OlympicsPogostick Olympics