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Copyright/Publisher: Zeppelin Games, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Various, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
American 3D Pool
Billiards and pool matches can be played against a friend or a computer player (nine skill levels). As usual, two-player games are the most fun but the better computer opponents are a challenge to beat. In addition, eight players (human or computer) can enter a knockout or league tournament - though this sadly lacks a save option.

Fantastic Soccer
Fantastic Soccer has all the excitement of real football with everything from sliding tackles to throw-ins and corners. Choose between a one or two player game, alter the team formations and change the length of the match from a quick runaround to a full ninety minutes.

International 5-a-side Football
Foul! Another pathetic attempt at simulating footy. This time the 'action' takes place on a horizontally scrolling concrete pitch, which is probably why you can't do sliding tackles (ouch!). No, you just run into the ball to steal possession.

Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium
Choose level of play from Pub, County or International competition. A one or two player game can be chosen with both players entering their names. If a one player game is selected, Jocky Wilson competes against player one.

International Ice Hockey
This cool game is played on a horizontally scrolling rink showing about a third of it at a time. Viewed from the side and slightly above, fans of former ZZAP! Megatape hit Emlyn Hughes International Soccer will find the perspective immediately their liking.