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Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Programmed By: Paul Nickels, Joe Simko, Ed Schoenberg, Steve Thomas &
K-Byte, Designed By: Ogdon Micro Design Inc., Artwork: Paul Vernon, Theme: Paul Jaquays,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

- Claw over desert dunes, "bog" through mud holes, slide through ice - four exciting races over a variety of obstacles and terrains.

- Customize the truck of your choice with the right gear for your chosen race terrain.

- Bring along supplies for off-road repairs: tools, winches, spare tires, parts - even a mechanic.

- Race rig-to-rig against die-hard opponents including a screamin' demon truck.

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 56%
A technically competent racing sim spoilt by incredibly laborious gameplay and a total lack of variety.

Four of the toughest, roughest courses gives you the ultimate driving challenge: the Georgia mud flat, the Michigan Winter Wreck-Off, the Death Valley Trek or the Baja challenge. Snow, ice, mud and desert all combine to make Off-Road Racing the most hazardous road game yet. It makes the Grand Prix look like child's play.

Put yourself and your driving skills against the clock and computer controlled opponents to challenge for the Victor's Cup.

Off-Road, Racing is a test of speed and survival. Customize your vehicle and prepare to race over the world´s toughest terrain.

You're King of the Mountain on the Offroad Race circuit, winning events everywhere from the frigid midwest to the muddy south. Now you're sitting on a ton of hot truck in the desert, racing toward a heat-rippled horizon dotted with sand traps and tire-ripping rocks. And you're wishing you bought more water along for the ride.

Survival of the fastest
Off-road racing is a test of speed and survival. First you pick your challenge: The Georgia Mud Fest, The Michigan Winter Wreck-Off, the Death Valley Trek or the Baja Challenge. Then you choose a truckm customize it and stock it with tools. And survival supplies like food and water. Just in case.

Makes the Grand Prix look like sissy stuff
Those guys in fancy race suits don't use winches to lift rigs out of mud bogs. They don't change tires punctured by razor sharp cact. And when it snoes - they don't even have to race. In Off-Road racing these rough and tumble conditions are all part of the exciting challenge!