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Copyright/Publisher: US Gold/Atari Games Corp., Programmed By: Chris Butler,
Music By: Ben Dalglish, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Skateboard, Number Of Players: 1

All the thrills and skills of real skateboarding in this unique challenge to become champion of the skating world.

Starting out from "Skate City" test your abilities amongst the numerous skateparks improving your techniques in both freestyle and competitive action as you attempt to complete the ultimate manoeuvre - the 720 degree twist while soaring through the air.

As the jammin' skateboarder you know you are, you've got to test your skills in the toughest course any skateboarder has ever seen.

You start off with a hundred bucks in your pocket, your trusty skateboard, and the awesome moves you've learned along the way.

Find your way around the park while dodging kamikaze cars, looney thugs and killer bees.

You've only got a short amount of time to work your way through each one of the four levels, or classes, of difficulty. Show off your hot moves, and rack up points to earn tickets to the parks.

If you’re lucky, you might find some loose bills lying around. Scoop ‘em up. You know you'd like to get the dough to buy those cool duds and some of that hot equipment.

Zzap64! - Overall Rating: 85%
A faithful and enjoyable conversion.

Hints & Tips:
To Cheat: POKE 2169,234:POKE 2170,234:POKE 2171,234:POKE 16018,9: POKE 16019,9: POKE 16020,9:POKE 16021,9: SYS 2097