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Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic Ltd, Music by: Rob Hubbard,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or

[LEFT] - Left
[RIGHT] - Right
[UP] - Accelerate
[DOWN] - Decelerate
[FIRE] - To Change Gear.
[N] - Left
[M] - Right
[A] - Accelerate
[Z] - Decelerate
[SPACE] - To Change Gear.

The game appeared to have been sponsored by KP Skips (potato crisps), their logo appearing on the cover and the loading screen as well as appearing in the game. Most people would think it an own goal to be associated with a game as bad as Action Biker.

Zzap Newsflash July 1985

Steer Clumsy Colin through the streets of this 4-way, 360 degrees scrolling city using itema scattered around to help you overcome obstacles such as the lake, fairground and building site.

The faster you go the higher your score - so look out for itema that will speed up your bike - like the turbo charger - and keep an eye on the clock.

You will need skill in controlling the acceleration and gear changes to achieve a good score especially in the drag race at the end of the game.

Clumsy Colin must find his friend Marti and take him to the spaceport - this is not as easy as it sounds!

Items to help him find Marti are hidden in the houses of which there are 150 BUT only 50 actually hold the items he needs. He cannot enter some of the houses because there is no-one in. The alarm is set to go off at 8 'o' clock and wake him up, he will also wake up if he bumps into any of the vehicles such as the police cars and other bikers.

His fuel is limited but he can gain energy by eating skips or by refuelling at a garage.

Some of Clumsy Colin's friends will try and tempt him to stay for tea and slow him down.

Keep an eye on the text window which will tell you what is happening.

Good luck and don't delay!