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Released as Combat Course in USA by Mindscape
Copyright/Publisher: Infogrames, Created By: Cobra Soft,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Mixed Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
ACTION SERVICE is a brilliantly executed Commando School Simulation, with all the features that add up to one of the most challenging and exciting action programs ever produced:
- unique simulated video recording and playback system, allowing action replay of your performances (to help you to improve it).

- lifelike action graphics with superb sound and speech effects.

- easy to use, difficult to master!

- Up to 12 players - competing on 5 different modes: physical, risk, close-combat, combination and the unique Commando Construction Course!

Including the superb "Cobra Command Construction set:
- construct, edit and save commando courses, making them as easy or difficult as you wish.
Challenge your friends on the course of your own design!


Somewhere in Europe, at a confidential location, lies one of the world's toughest school : a top secret training centre...

Behind impenetrable barbed-wire and patrolied by wardens armed to the teeth, stretches the course, a gruelling track of obstacles, traps and dangers, stretching every commando's ability to the limit.

PURPOSE: preparing soldiers to join the "Cobra Command" - a crack team of commandos who have chosen war as their profession.

QUALIFICATIONS: strength, courage, nerves of steel...