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Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software, Produced By: Smart Egg Software, Programmed By: Nick Taylor,
Music By: Matthew Cannon, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Natural and responsive player movement and with the most simple of one-tocuh joystick control ensures EXCITING and AUTHENTIC SOCCER ACTION, realistic close-ball control, computer aided team control and the micro's constant "flow of play" monitoring all add up to make this the easiest yet most rewarding soccer game ever devised the home computer.

TAKE ON THE WORLD! choose your opponents from the 24 World Championships teams - each have their own styles, strengths... and idiosyncrasies! You will delight at the on-screen action, realistically flowing animation.

Automatic team response and the easy to follow icon-generated action choices. This game is the choice of all football players, those who love playing the game instead of wrestling with the joysticks...in Adidas Championship Football YOU MAKE THE PLAY!

Zzap July 1990

Zzap Overall Rating: 37%
Plays worse than Wales!.