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Released as Combat School by Ocean Software in Europe.
Copyright/Publisher: Konami/Ocean, Coding by: David Collier and Allan Shortt,
Graphics by: Simon Butler and Sean Ridings, Music/Effects by Martin Galway,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Before you save your country, you have to survive your sergeant.

Atten-hut! Welcome to the marines.

My name is Sgt. J.T. Tail Kicker, and while you're here I'm gonna whip your scrawny hide into shape.

You hear me boy? Wipe the silly smile off your face, this ain't no circus!

Before you leave, your lungs will burn on the obstacle course. Your fingers will cramp on the firing range. Your muscles will ache during chin ups and arm wrestling. Your stamina will suffer in the iron man race. And if there's anything left of you, I'll give you a shot at me.

Can you take it, boy? Cause terrorists have attacked our embassy, and America's depending on a real marine to save the day. So suck in that gut. And have a pleasant stay at Boot Camp.

Featuring simultaneous play for two players or play against the computer.

Assault Course
The first gruelling test guaranteed to tax your muscles to the full! By waggling the joystick, you must build-up and maintain your running speed whilst jumping over the numerous fences. Towards the end of this event you will be confronted with a horizontal ladder; jump onto this ladder and waggle as fast as possible to complete this course.

You are against the clock and thus have a limited time to complete, however, if you manage a good time you will be awarded with a bonus. This time bonus will be added on to the time allowed for the next event.

Firing Range 2
In contrast to the fixed gun emplacements you had in the first firing range, this event presents you with a chance to practice your skills with a hand-held machine gun. Robot tanks will descend at random from the top of the screen and you must knock-out as many as possible in the allotted time.

As before, there is a minimum quata of tanks to hit and the usual time bonus if you shoot more than the allocated number.

Arm Wrestling
This calls upon your full 'joystick waggling' powers as you try and build-up and maintain maximum power to defeat your opponent. In the one player game you will be pitted against the computer, whilst in the two player game you'll competing one on one. This events is purely for a time bonus and you will not be drummed out of the School if you fail!
Firing Range 1
Various targets appear at random throughout this event and you must move your cursor and shoot as many as possible within the allotted time. You have a minimum number of targets to hit and again, if you exceed this quata you may be allotted a time bonus as above.
Iron Man Race
Possible one of the most gruelling events that Combat School has to offer. You must build-up and maintain your maximum running speed whilst avoiding the various obstacles such as rocks and mines as you try and negotiate this hazardous terrain. Jumping is permitted, but be careful you don't land on anything that could make you trip and lose valuable time.

Having negotiated the land, you will then be confronted with a fast moving river which you must swim across, find a canoe and paddle like crazy to the opposite bank whilst avoiding the treacherous logs which float across your path. Upon reaching the opposite bank you must sprint to the finishing line before the time is up. As before, a time bonus is invoked if you complete the course ahead of schedule.

Firing Range 3
This is similar in control to the first firing range, but you must avoid shooting any of the red targets. If you do inadvertantly hit one of these then your cursor will freeze until the next batch of targets appearm, thus preventing you from shooting any of the true targets.

This is the hardest firing range of all and you will be called upon to use all your firing prowess that you have learned in the previous rounds. Time is short so shoot wisely and carefully! The usual time bonus situation applies.

Fight Instructor
The most difficult event of all. Here you are one on one against your instructor and must use all your martial arts and combat skills to defeat him. You can only incur a maximum number of hits within the given time (as can your instructor). The object is to subdue your opponent within the given time or you will not graduate!

Using a combination of movement left and right, you can also jump and kick or punch. Much practice is required to perfect your technique and don't forget - your instructor has more experience than you!

Chin-Ups Penalty
If you fail to qualify in the first six events by a very narrow margin, you will be given a second chance to continue. This will take the form of a number of chin-ups that need to be performed in a specific time.

This is a 'joystick waggler' and you must build-up and maintain power for as long as possible to complete the necessary number: only if you do complete required amount can you move on to the next event. If you fail in any of the above events you will be drummed out of the Combat School and will have to start from scratch.

The Mission
If you eventually graduate, you will be sent on a top secret mission to rescue a hostage in the American Embassy. This mission will call upon all the powers you have learned in training. The actual execution of the mission, however, is classified and very few details are available.
The Mission
All that is known is that your assailants will be heavily armed and must be both avoided and subdued before they have time to use their weaponry. Good luck and don't be a chicken!