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Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts, Created By: Michael Kosaka & Ray Tobey,
Programmed By: Pablo Toledo & Johnny, Music By: Pablo Toledo,
Release Year: 1992, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1
Walk the path of the warrior. Learn four classic martial arts - Karate, Kendo, Nunchaku, and Bo. Combine power and grace into a dangerous black belt mix.

Enter Tobkio Rya Dojo. Your Journey to the Budokan begins here. Are you willing to endure the hard training it takes to be called a master?

Tobiko Sensei observes your every action. Go to him for words on tactics, strategy, and guidance. Put your philosophy into action.

Say hello to Goro-san. If you survive him, eleven others are prepared to teach you the zen of defeat. If you don't, it's konban-noa (goodnight!).

Do you fast attack for quick points or store up your ki (energy) for the devastating blow? Better decide before his Yari answers for you.

The most fluid, detailed, and realistc graphics ever designed for a computer game.
Authentic Japanese/Okinawan martial arts - all arts and weapons based on real life.

Extensively researched and developed by qualified martial artists.

Unique player interface allows for over 25 moves per style.

Twelve authentic martial arts styles, including Yari, Tonfa, Kusari-gama and Naginata.

Train and spar with the computer or a friend - but remember, you face the challange of the Budokan alone.

Authentic digitized sound effects.