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Copyright/Publisher: Epyx, Game Design By: Fuzzy Furry, Chuck Sommerville, Jon Leupp,
Ken Nicholson & Kevin Norman, Graphics By: Jenny Martin, Suzie Greene, Sheryl Knowles & Paul Vernon,
Music By: Chris Grigg & Gil Freeman, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 8
CALIFORNIA GAMES is a challenge of skills for one to eight players. The object of the game is to win trophies in each individual event. Players can also compete for the top trophy in overall competition.

CALIFORNIA GAMES includes six exciting events: Half Pipe Skateboard, Foot Bag, Surfing, Skating, BMX Bike Racing and Flying Disk. You can practice or compete in any single event, compete in all the events, or even set up your own competition using events that you choose yourself.

Each player chooses a sponsor for the competition. You are judged on each event and a record is kept of your score. Trophies are awarded to the top scoring competitors.

If you break an event record, CALIFORNIA GAMES will save your name and display it on a special high score screen. Improve your skills in each event, compete with your family and friends and become a California Champion.

"Hey, trasher! Dontcha ever wear knee pads?" "Didja see that? He caught some air on the half pipe! Radical!"

Welcome to California. Home of the most radical sports in the world. Rad, bad and aggro. You're about to hit the beaches, parks and streets of the Golden State to go for trophies in everything from surfing to bike racing. CALIFORNIA GAMES(tm) gives you the hottest sports. And the most aggro competition. You even have to pick your own sponsor.

So pull on those knee pads. You're about to get into the most fun you've ever had since Mom hid your skateboard. CALIFORNIA GAMES(tm) is going to take you from surf to the turf. From the pipe to the parks. Are you gonna love it, or what?

We'll start you off in the heart of Hollywood, with skateboards in hot competition on the radical Half Pipe. Then we'll rocket up to San Francisco for the high-flying Foot Bag and some really wild footwork. After that, it's down to the beach for two of the coolest sports we've got in California. There's an awesome Roller Skating obstacle course, followed by the king of coastal competition, Surfing. You'll be shooting the tube and carving the biggest breakers around.

Over at the dirt track, you'll pump the pedals of a BMX racing bike. And your moves had better be bad. For the grand finale, you'll go to Yosemite where you'll be flinging the fantastic Flying Disk. That's six massive events. You're gonna have your hands full. Not to mention your feet.

You're about to get into the wildest games of them all...CALIFORNIA GAMES. It's only, like, the most totally awesome game in the world.