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Copyright/Publisher: Thalion/Grandslam, Programmed By: Matthias Sykosch, Graphics By:
Guenter Schmitz, Music By: Holger Knipping & M.Hendriks, Additional Programming By: Peter Kuenst,
Producer: Holger Floettmann, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Hang Foy Qua, the hero of this story finally reached the monastary of Shao-Lin after a a long and exhausting way and was accepted as a novice. He has to conquer the Chambers of Shao-Lin. Each of these chambers will help to unite body and mind in harmony.

We will assist Hang Foy Qua on this troublesome way to become a master. Therefore we will pass six selected chambers to help him. Hang Foy Qua, aware of the big responsibility for his people and his sister, will try to pass the examinations with the best results he is able to get. The better these results are the easier his fight against his enemies will be.