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Copyright/Publisher: Motivated Software, Programmed By: Edvard Badasov,
Graphics By: Tom Rominger, Genre: Figthing Sports, Release Year: 1984, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
...with just a minute to go in the final round of the Grand Championship match, your best martial arts fighter, Awesome Powerhouse, is struggling against his old arch-enemy, Deadly Dan. Awesome Powerhouse has never been able to defeat Deadly Dan in the past, but this time the strenuous workouts in the karate studio, under your guidance, seem to be paying off, as Awesome Powerhouse is only one point behind.

* individual fighter creation
* five martial art styles
* belt rank promotions
* record of top 10 fighters
* multi-player participation
* work outs with instructions
* four tournament divisions
* full fighter control