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Cricket Crazy
Copyright/Publisher: Alternative Software/The Dreaming Djinn, Written By:
Charles A. Sharp, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Cricket, Number Of Players: 1
Get Bag, Look In Bag, Get Bat From Bag, Get Pack From Bag, Get Ball From Bag, Examine Ram, Examine Ball, East, South, Examine Individual, Examine Lamb, North, Examine Hyjacker, Bowl Hyjacker Out, W, Give Ball To Botham, East, Search Hyjacker, Read Card, Drop Card, North, South, Ask Botham To Fly Plane, North, Fly Plane, Search Luggage, Look, Get Ball, Get Tea Bags, Drop Bag, Look In Bag, Get Paper From Bag, Get Bag, Examine Wreckage, North, Look, Hitch A Lift, Accept, Inventory, Toss Coin, Choose A Player - When Botham Is Picked, The Game Continues, - North, East Wander In The Jungle Until The Apeman Arrives.

Drop Coin, Get Cigarette From Pack, Give Cigarette, Ask Him To Show You The Way Out, Call Lamb, Call Botham, Call Gatting, Call Gooch, Call Edmunds, Make A Chain, W, East, Up, Up, Speak To Charmer, Autograph Bat, Give Bat To Charmer, Up, Examine Tensing, Down, Down, Down, North, Search, Go Hotel, Up, East, Sleep, W, Look, Speak To Guerrillas, Speak To Dincus, Write On Ball, Throw Ball Through Window, Listen, Listen, Listen, East, North, Go Hotel, W, Ask For Help, Go Hut, Ask For Help, East, South, North, Up, Up, Up, Get Paper From Bag, Give Paper To Goat, Get Droppings, Down, Down, Down, North, Go Hut, Give Droppings To Hoodoo, East, Go Hotel, Give Potion To Botham, Call Gooch, Ask Gooch To Help, W, W, Ask For Help To Find Player, East, North, North, W, Speak To Chieftain, Give Teabags, North, North, Go To Hotel, Speak To Giles, Refuse, Up, East, Sleep, Search, Escape.