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Dave Winfield's Batter Up
Copyright/Publisher: Avant-Garde Publishing Corporation, Programmed By: Chuck Hughes, Art
Coordinator: David Escalera, Art Designer: Peggy Thompson, Project Director: Louie McCrady, Project
Coordinator: Caroline Bloomfield, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Baseball, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

- Dave's expert insights and advice on the essence of powerful, consistent hitting, and on physical fitness and the psychology of winning.

- Dave's tutorial on grip, stance, pitches, the swing, and hitting strategy.

- Game lets you compete for championship hitter averages, against yourself or up to 3 other players. You select the starting pitcher, league (pitch speed), and major league ballpark.

- Practice session delivers different kinds of pitches. You choose pitch speed, batting stance, and swing height.

- Computer demonstrates the baseball's actual behavior with various pitches.

- Demonstrates techniques for hitting pitches coming in at a variety of locations.

- Lets you bat right- or left-handed (or switch).

- Plus a handbook to take with you to the field.

Batting techniques and body/mind conditioning for winning play.

Yankees star hitter and outfielder Dave Winfield is ready to go to bat for you! Dave's three-part approach to hitting teaches you expert batting techniques plus physical and mental conditioning for the game. This comprehensive guide is filled with information and inspiration, offering a hitting lesson with Dave, practice sessions, and competition play.

Batter Up! is the product of Dave's twelve years of experience as a professional ballplayer. His program is designed to help you fine-tune your reflexes, learn successful hitting techniques, and be able to use them when you're in the batter's box.