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Released by Thunder Mountain in US.
Copyright/Publisher: Melbourne House/Beam Software, Game Designed By: Paul Kidd & Geoff Evans,
Programmed By: Richard Woolcock & Anthony Burkitt, Graphics By: David O'Callaghan & Russel Comte,
Music By: Neil Brennan, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1
In the "Doc the Destroyer" series of games, you take on the role of "Doc" as he adventures his way through fantasy worlds present, past and future.

"Doc" is a time traveller whose adventures have somehow led him to the exciting world of the Domed City. Doc does not have access to his time traveller's equipment, since he has lost his time machine; yet he still retains the Power to cloud the minds of other men and effectively change his appearance.

You must somehow navigate Doc through the dangerous world of the Domed City and safely win through to your time machine once more. Once you have finished this game, you will be able to save your character and go on to play other games in the "Doc the Destroyer" series.

As the character "Doc", you are a very flexible fellow. Doc has a set of characteristics which are used to represent his various skills and abilities which might affect the game. You will be able to shape Doc's characteristics to suit the style of game play that you prefer. Thus strong dumb characters or smart dexterous characters are all possibilities open for you to play.