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Copyright/Publisher: Manic Mailman Designs, Programmed By: The Fall Guy, Music By:
Richard Bayliss, Release Year: 2008, Genre: Winter Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 8
A skiing game. Nothing notable about the game, maybe except that you can play against up to 7 cpu opponents or humans (though cliche demands that no true c64 geek should have so many friends, that's bad for our reputation...). Note: To play against CPU opponents, select at least 2 players and name the CPU guys 'c64'. This was a last minute add-on after all the menues had been done already and therefore works that strange...
Another good start for this winter is a bit of winter sport. This game is a downhill ski simulator. Control your sports person down the hilly slopes and avoid the trees and other obstacles that get in your way.