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European Super League
Football Fortunes II
This game is the sequel to Brian Clough's Football Fortunes
Copyright/Publisher: CDS Software, Programmed By: Keith McLeman,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Football, Number Of Players: 2 to 5
Basically the board game part is the same as Brian Clough's Football Fortunes except the computer program has been updated considerably to allow each game to last much longer if required. There were a number of additions including 5 leagues instead of 1, etc, etc, etc, all of which served to make an already incredible game a little bit better.
The original game with one league meant that after about 2 seasons of play, the opposing teams became so hard to defeat that the game became unplayable. This meant that you got about 1.5 hours of fun before having to quit the game. The updated version with the multiple leagues meant that you could have all night sessions (and we frequently did) without the game becoming unplayable.

Obviously there were a number of other improvements too, but the introduction of multiple leagues was the main improvement that increased the playability of the game.