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Copyright/Publisher: Accolade, Designed By: Steve Cartwright, Artist: Roseann Mitchell,
Producer: Sam Nelson, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Basketball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Three-on-three basketball with full court action! No one else gives you the choice or control of Accolade's Fast Break. This is computer basketball with double-clutch, mid-air, off-the-glass animation. Basketball action so lifelike you can almost feel the elbows and floor burns.

But it's more than great graphics that has the competition double dribbling. Just check out these stats. Three-on-three play (guard, center & forward). More playability with full court action. More players to choose from--each with individual talents and strengths.

More plays--go to the playbook for 15 offensive and 5 defensive pro-style plays. More shots--choose from three-point bombs to rim-ripping slams. More control--design your own plays with the exclusive "Playmaker"feature.

Network television court perspective. One or two player capability. Take 'em to the hoop and jam. Pull up for a fade-away jumper. Play a tight man-to-man or double team the guard. Fast Break gives you the flexibility to do it all. So lace up those hi-tops. It's time to lead the Fast Break.

Fast Break Accolade: Three on three basketball with full court action! Basketball action so lifelike you can almost feel the elbows and floor burns.

To play championship basketball, you've got to have a great fast break. To play three- on three, full court computer basketball you've got to have Accolade's Fast Break. No other computer basketball game gives you this much control and playability.

You run the offense and defense. There are more plays, more players and more shots. And the thing that really impressed me was the network television court perspective.

The animation was so fluid - I thought I was watching my monitor at The Forum! Take it from a guy who's seen his share of great fast breaks - Accolade's Fast Break is a slam dunk.

Slammers vs. Jammers. Two of the fast-breakingest teams since the invention of the Lycra gym shorts. A legendary basketball rivalry up there with L.A. and Boston. Jammers in green, Slammers in white.

This is Real Hoops: My six against yours, three-on-three on court, 24 seconds, six fouls you're gone. It's a fast-release outlet after a major bound, two no-look passes, a quick pump fake, dribble drive, and downtown with the Slamma-Jamma.

You're going to love this game. Dr. James Naismith and his peach baskets would be proud.