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Copyright/Publisher: Epyx/Infogrames, Programmed By: Alain Vialon, Harold Ovsec & Michel Royer,
Music By: Charles Callet, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Winter Sports, Number Of Players: 1
- 3 types of challenging terrain on each trail with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
- Choice of over 50 items to pack in your rucksack, from climbing gear to food supplies.
- On screen features include the time, temperature, attitude and climber's physical condition.
Even a safety guide to help in the climb.
Carefully pack your rucksack. The items you choose are critical to survival. Select departure time, season, and which of the six treacherous trails from the world's highest mountains you will climb.

You're at the foot at one of the world's highest mountains.

Snowy slopes, crevasses, glaciers and a jagged rockface await for you as you face one of the most gruelling sports ever.

Choose from six treacherous trails or practice your skills on a trainin course first before attempting them.

You'll be tested to the limit by changes in terrain, weather and your health.

You could fall thousands of feet or freeze to death in a blizzard.