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Football Frenzy
Copyright/Publisher: Alternative Software, Written By: Charles A. Sharp,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1
It is strictly deterministic, without random elements, so it is possible to give exact step by step solution.

SEARCH DESK (you will find the club checque book), SEARCH DESK (a bank statement), READ STATEMENT (you have only 3000 ask josh pounds), WAIT (your secretary will enter with a lot of demands), EXAMINE DEMANDS (total demands are 3075), PAY DEMANDS (which, you have not enough for all of them), PAY ALL EXCEPT MA WILLIS (refusing all other demands would have more serious consequences than a he demand from a laundry), CALL SECRETARY (she needs a cheque book), TAKE CHEQUE BOOK, GIVE HER CHEQUE BOOK, W, N (players will ask you whether Rory would play up front or midfield), SAY FRONT (important, else you will lose the match later), W, SEARCH CABINET (you will found a packet of settlums), E, S, E, WAIT (until Miss Jones says that you would go home), N, TAKE LETTERS, EXAMINE LETTERS (Miss Jones forgot to post them), S, WAIT (until Mrs Willis enters), LOOK (she is angry because you refused her demand, so she refuse to wash the football kit), TAKE KIT, W, S, S, W, W, S, W, INSERT LETTERS (into the postbox), E, N, N, E, N, N, N (Rory will tell to you about his problems), E (in the bathroom), DROP KIT, WASH KIT (still not clean), SCRUB KIT WITH SOAP (ok, but now you must dry it), TAKE KIT, W, PUT KIT OVER HEATER, S (it's getting late), E, SLEEP (a new day, you hear a noise in the corridor), W (what a hell, the changing rooms are on fire), N, EXAMINE FIRE (a fire brigade is needed), S, E, CALL FIRE BRIGADE, W, N, TALK WITH CHIEF (he will tell that it was stupidity drying the kit on the heater; then firemen will extinguish the fire), LOOK, EXAMINE ASHES (remains of the kit), S, E (Miss Jones enters), TALK WITH MISS JONES (she will tell to you what is planed for today; by the way, the phone will ring too), ANSWER PHONE (oh, you must find extra tickets for Mr Bomb; also Mrs Jones will receive another call - the coach firm has no vehicles avaliable for Saturday), CALL ANOTHER COACH FIRM, W, S, W (in the conference room), ANSWER QUESTIONS (now one pressman will ask you unpleasant question about your favourite star, Rory), SAY NO (pressmen will leave - why not to lie), E, N, E (how to buy a new kit), SEARCH SELF (you will found a watch), EXAMINE WATCH (expensive), W, S, S, W, ENTER PUB, W, EXAMINE MAN (a ticket tout), ASK MAN FOR TICKET (he is interesting for your watch), SELL WATCH (ok, you will get tickets; now it is a time for going to the bank), E, LEAVE PUB, E, E, E, ENTER BANK, ASK FOR MANAGER (you will enter the office), ASK FOR LOAN (he will be refused and pushed out), LEAVE BANK, N, W, N, N, E (Rory enters and drops a money - he sold his story to the press), TAKE MONEY, W, S, S, W, W, S, S, ENTER SHOP, BUY KIT, LEAVE SHOP, N, N, N, E, N, N, E (it's time for the photo), W, W, W (the photographer says that your star player is missing), ASK JOSH FOR RORY (no one knows where is he), E, E, S, S, S, S, S, NE (nothing suggests that this path exists from here), TALK WITH RORY (he just wanted to be alone for a while; now it is too late so you will go to the sleeping; you will wake up in the office by a ringing phone), ANSWER PHONE (somebody from the team is captured in the police station), W, S, S, W, W, S, W, ENTER STATION, TALK WITH SERGEANT (he will show to you totally drunken Rory - oh no, what happening with him; by the way, his friend Joe Mason is taunting you), STRIKE JOE (the Sergeant will push you out; after a while you and Rory are in the bathroom), PUSH RORY INTO TUB (to sober him), W, S, E (you will be informed that one player got hit by a bus, so you need a new player), CALL SECRETARY (she will take a ticket for Mr Bomb), W, S, S, S, S, S, NE, EXAMINE KIDS, PLAY FOOTBALL (you will find a good kid for a team), SW, N, N, N, N, N, E (the intercom remembers you that it's the time to appointment in the recording studios), W, S, S, E, E, ENTER STUDIOS, TALK WITH ENGINEER, SING (of course, "here we go"; after this, you will leave the studio), N, W, N, N, E (Wilf asks you where's the ticket you promised to him), GIVE SANDWICHES TO WILF (he will leave, but still expecting a ticket; a new man will enter in the office), LOOK (he is a coach driver), TALK WITH DRIVER (he wants an advance for the coach), W, N, ORGANISE COLLECTION (the last method to get some money), S, E, PAY DRIVER (now is too late, so you will sleep; the big day dawns), WAIT (for the Miss Jones; she will report to you news about Wilf), W, S, S, E, N, ENTER COACH (you have stomachache - do you remember what happened with Wilf), SWALLOW SETTLUMS (to cure yourself), START COACH, WAIT (the engine will cough, and the coach will become broken), SING (rival fans will ambushe you), SEARCH COACH (there is a sun-roof above), CLIMB ON COACH, WAVE (a taxi will see what is your problem and will call for the police; after a while you will be transported tho the Wembley station), WATCH GAME (you will become victors - well done).

- Type TEXT to turn picture drawing off, and GRAPHICS to turn picture drawing on again.

- The game is a bit buggy, but all bugs are mainly harmless.

- Verbs EXAMINE and SEARCH are usually synonims in the most of adventure games. Not in this game (here they have different meanings). Examining is not strictly necesary (it will give clues). Searching can discover new objects.

- Read calendar in your office to see what is current date (the game begins at Wednesday, 18th, and ends at Saturday, 21th).

- To learn which is the more important demand to pay, try to type PAY ELECTRICITY DEMANDS, PAY MA WILLIS DEMANDS, PAY WATER AUTORITY DEMANDS or PAY ELECTRICITY DEMANDS. You will get a message what will happen if you don't pay some other demand.

- If WAVE near the end of the game seems illogical for you, try GESTICULATE instead.

- The following tasks need not to be done to finish the game: sending letters which Miss Jones forgot to post, chating with Rory about his love problems, calling another coach firm and going to the press conference. But, skipping these tasks will distroy the natural logic of the game. This is very probably caused by bugs in the game (most probably, the author forgot to test some flags which tell whehter these tasks are completed).

- The author also planed that after the coach become broken, you must leave the coach, push the coach, then enter coach again. Due to a bug, this is not necessary.

- You can buy beer or whiskey in the bar, and drink them, even without money (what a wonderful). But, there is no point for this.

- Phone box in Miller Road is useless.

- All objects can be examined. Messages like "nothing special" are very rare in this game. The game is full of messages.

- A bit of humour: try to kiss Miss Jones, or to pray. Also, try to ask Miss Jones to wash the dirty kit...

- Of course, this is an extremely peaceful adventure, so it it impossible to die in this game. Simply, a new day will not dawns until you finish all tasks for the current day.