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The Download contains the 2 disks with the Main Program, and the Sports Library Disk & Science Fiction Library Disk
Garry Kitchen's GameMaker
Copyright/Publisher: Activision, Programmed By: Garry Kitchen & Alex Demeo,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Construction Kit, Number Of Players: 1
DESIGNER'S LIBRARY for use with Garry Kitchen's GameMaker: The Computer Game Design Kit.

Get ready, get set, play.
Designing your own computer sports game just became easier. And a lot faster. The Sports Library contains pre-designed backgrounds, characters, objects, animation routines, sounds and music for popular sports. So you can create football, baseball and basketball games.

Stage boxing matches or track and field events. Simulate a Grand Prix auto race. Even a dart competition. Just select the options you want to use. Then turn your thoughts to creating your own game with Garry Kitchen's GameMaker. In record time.