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Copyright/Publisher: Domark/Bug Byte, Release Year: 1986, Rereleased: 1988
Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1, 2 or 4
Become the Emperor's Champion and fight your way to freedom. One or two player mode. 10 different moves and the choice of 40 different weapons from the armoury.

Zzap Newsflash Oct.1986

As the Roman Legions campaigned through Europe, the spoils of their conquests included gold, precious stones, works of art - and slaves, A process of careful selection by the slaves' Masters decided their fate. Some were sent to the galleys to row for eternity. The beautiful were passed for the pleasure of the depraved.

Many were destined to hard labour under the whip, creating fabulous monuments for the Roman Empire, a few of which are still in evidence today. But the "Creme de la Creme" of the slaved were set aside for their powerful physiques, athletic prowess and killer instinct. They were called The Gladiators.

One day in 54AD the quiet village of Massina was ransacked by the 13th Legion. After razing the village to the ground, the Centurions took you, Marcus of Massina, back to Rome where you were sold as a slave. Your Owner sent you off to the School of Gladiators and you knew that you must kill or be killed.

There is one small gleam of hope for your survival. You are told that freedom is granted by the Emperor to the top ranking Gladiator, if the price can be paid!