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Copyright/Publisher: Golden Goblins/Rainbow Arts, Graphics By: Olaf Menges & Andreas Gortz,
Music By: Chris Hülsbeck, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
ZZAP! Rating; Overall 71%
The appeal may not be long-lasting, but the game is great fun until completed.

Somewhere in the universe, beyond time and space and also beyond the limits of our understanding, the world of GholD exists. There, every morning the sun rises in another direction, following the rhythm of a six- day-week. A great variety of beings populate the lands and seas of their home world, in which "technology" is not a known term, whereas however, magic does work.

The history of GholD spans several thousands of years, full of the rise and decline of mighty empires, full of great wars of Good and Bad fighting each other, but we have also to mention the times of peace and understanding, encompassing the most amazing cultural achievements.

One of these achievements is the Grand Slam, which presents perhaps the best way from war to peace. This biggest sporting event of the southern continent had begun as a war between goblins and men - and today, all peoples of the world celebrate this festival of mutual understanding.

From all corners of the continent, the most strange creatures comes into the big capital of the Empire of Men every 5 years in order to participate in the games. rumor is that notice of the Grand Slam had even reached the northern continents, and so, everybody hopefully expects the day when a ship out of unknown countries anchors in the harbor of HodT CrownguarD, bringing new players for the grand Games.

This year, everybody's attention is attracted by the dwarves, who participate in the Games for the first time. All people respect and fear these tough little guys out of the western mountains. One can hear rumors of the champion of the dwarven as being a legendary hero, and also the king of all the proud dwarves clans is expected as a visitor to the Games. The big question is: Will a newcomer rise up into the top class of Grand Slammers - or even achieve the title?