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Copyright/Publisher: Bally Sente Inc./Capcom USA Inc.,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Ice Hockey, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
What a night for a hockey game! After weeks of intensive training on the ice, you're finally at the face-off, waiting for the starting whistle. As the puck slides across the smooth, icy surface, you take it at center ice, managing to break over the blue line to your opponent's right. Whoooossh. What reflexes! What speed!

The spray of the ice on your face momentarily blinds you, but you continue to skate furiously, weaving towards the opposing goal. You can feel your challenger's hot breath on the back of your neck, as the distance between you grows smaller and smaller. But before he can manage to steal the puck, you swing your stick and whack -- it's a slapshot! The point is yours!

Get three goals in a game, and it's a hat trick!

Hat Trick - action packed ice hockey so "hot" it could melt ice. Strong, physically fit athletes on sharp thin steel blades slither across frozen ice with the sleekness and grace of a gazelle.

Realistically portraying one-on-one hockey, Hat Trick is a one and two player game filled with intense excitement. Hockey players, agile and enduring, representing their teams, streak across the arena's icy surface weaving and bobbing, maneuvering to avoid the defenses. There's body-checking and board-banging as players high-stick to drive the puck past the defending goalie and into the net to score!

Hat Trick by Capcom- good competitive sports fun and entertainment to be enjoyed by every member of the family.

Are you ready to skate the ice in high-flying fashion to win the game?
Your joystick is your hockey stick!