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Hercules - Slayer Of The Damned
Copyright/Publisher: Gremlin/Cygnus Software, Designed By: Nicholas Mills & John Tometzkt,
Programmed By: John Tometzkt, Graphics By: Norman Illings & Bob Hawker, Music By:
Andy Morton, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1
The mighty warrior, the son of the gods, is outcast because he committed the sin of murdering his children. To exonerate this misdeed, he is set 12 awesome tasks: armed by the divine fathersd, he sets forth to face hideous skeleton hordes and ultimatley to overcome the evil minotaur.
Take the role of Hercules himself and claim the twelve Labours back from the grasp of the Minotaur and his killer henchmen. The Labours appear graphically on screen and all you have to do to win one is to hit it... easy it isn't.

Once you have all 12 safety stashed you will face the Minotaur himself, defeat him and win the game!

Your weapons are club, fists and feet. Along the bottom of the screen you will see a snake moving, which tells you when to strike at the enemy. If he is positioned over it, your blows have maximum effect.

As you get better at the game, the snake will appear shorter, raising the challenge. Beware of the spider which will try to steal away the Labours from you. If it succeeds you must collect them again. Hitting the spider will drive it off.

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 51%
A boring and unimaginative attempt to create an original game.