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Copyright/Publisher: Ocean, Programming By: Roy Gibson, Artwork By: Steve Cain, Martin Calvert & Simon
Butler, Music By: Martin Galway, Release Year: 1986 Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Manhattan: 1986, In a vast underground garage beneath Madison Square Garden, two men are locked in mortal combat.

The huge cavern echoes with the sound of clashing steel, for although this is the 20th century, one combatant wields an anicent samurai sword, the other a broadsword. The duel is deadly calmest, ending only when the loser is decapitated.

For the victor, however, it is only one more conquest in a drama he has been living for 450 years.

A unique breed of men fated to duel down the ages to a distant time called the Gathering will battle for the Prize - power beyond Imagination. The distant time is now. The place, New York.

There can be only one Victor in this timeless battle. Become a master swordsman or perish as your foes grow more skillful and you finally encounter the might Kurgen in this contest for immortality.

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 30%
A poor fighting program hiding behind an official licence.