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Copyright/Publisher: Imagine, Arcade: Konami/Centuri, Programmer: D.Collier,
Music By: Martin Galway, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 or 2,
100 M Freestyle:
Reach the goal in identical times with the computer opponent to make some creature come up from the water giving you a cool 3000 points !

Skeet Shooting:
Clearing a complete round of targets brings up a yellow bird, which you have to hit on the LEFT side. If you do so, another bird comes up. Hit him as often as you can for 1000 points/hit.

Long Horse:
Do a normal jump with only 1 rotation and land right on your head. A spider then drops from the ceiling to give you 3000 points.

Hit all 8 arrows perfect, gives you 8 NICE calls. Some golden apples comes up swirling over the screen. For hitting the apples you get extra points.

Triple Jump:
To make the bonus come up (a rocket that gives you 3000 points extra), you have to make a perfect jump, which means you have to hit the take-off board perfectly and get the angles 35, 41 and finally 45.

Weight Lifting:
Make a good lift and the moment the weight crashes on the floor press the fire button to make some girls appear, giving you 1000 points.

Zzap Back August 1986

Be only at your peak as you enter the HYPER SPORTS stadium to compete in six NEW exhausting events in this state of the art simulation - the officially endorsed version of the No.1 arcade game.

Continuing the challenge where 'Track and Field' left off.
Stunning actions tests all your skill and stamina - a real hit!
Terrific sound, brilliant graphics - you'll be hooked.

Waggle the joystick or rattle the keys to get speed and, when prompted, press the Jump button to breathe.

Getting the timing wrong will mean a mouthful of water and an interrupted stroke, which means slowing down.

Skeet Shooting
Two boxes are shown which move up and down the screen, acting as left and right sights for the appropriate barrels of your shotgun.

Shoot as many of the clay pigeons that fly over by pressing either the left or right key as one passes through the correspoding sight.

Long Horse
Although running up to the wooden horse is automatic, you must time the jump onto the springboard correctly, using the jump button, to have a successful vault. Too soon and the jump will be too short; too late and a trip awaits! If you succeed, you will land on the horse. Press fire again and hit the left/right buttons as fast as you can to do a somersault. Try to time this so that you land on your feet, as an undignified cartwheel or (worse still) landing on your head loses you points, as well as giving you a severe headache...
Pressing fire determines wind speed and then a target is winched down the range which you must hit.

To do this, allow for wind speed and let go of the arrow by pressing the jump button.

Make sure your angle is as near to five degrees as possible and, if you have got it right, you will get a bullseye (worth 400 points).

Triple Jump
The left/right buttons come to the fore again, as you try to get up enough speed.

Run up to the line and press the jump button, trying to get as near to 45 degress as possible.

Repeat twice more for the step and the jump, and then wait for the measuring.

Weight Liftning
Probably the most strenuous event!

First select the weight you want to lift and then pound the keyboard or joystick to lift the weights to chest height.

At this point, press Jump to "snatch" the weights and pound away again to keep the weights above your head.