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Released as Chop N' Drop in US by Activision.
Copyright/Publisher: System 3, Designed & Written By: Archer Maclean,
Music: Rob Hubbard, Genre: Figthing Sports, Release Year: 1987, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
They called International Karate 'the greatest Karate beat'em up yet' (Commodore User). And who are we to argue? But archer Mclean has come with a stunner: A third fighter.

An amazing animated background. New moves (including double head-kick abd a spectacular backflip). Remixed music by Rob Hubbard. And balls!

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 93%
An outstanding beat 'em up which shouldn't be missed.

Extra Features:
Holding down the *key changes the colour of the sunīs reflection, while C, O and L alter the colour of the sky and sea. S in conjunction with E makes the fighters drop their kecks.

International Karate+ TM is a development of the original IK game, the main extra feature being that there are three fighting men on the screen at once (and five in pause mode!).

There are 17 different moves that can be made, all controlled by the joystick, and with practice all these moves can be executed smoothly in a flowing fight sequence without the man pausing momentarily in the standing stance.

The joystick system is simple enough for players to learn quickly, but after some experience of how the moves behave, much more sophisticated control can be achieved.