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Copyright/Publisher: Palace Software, Produced by: Sensible Software,
Programmed By: Chris Yates, Music by: Richard Joseph, Release Year: 1990,
Rereleased by: GBH (1992), Genre: Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Remarkable new 3D real time animation system.
One or two player games.
Four player ability levels - amateur, semi-pro, pro and Ace.
View the game from any of ten "camera" angles.
Learn to play topspin and backspin balls.
True control over the direction of your shots.
TV tennis theme tunes.
Any-time save option.
64 different computer opponents, with 15 skill levels.
72 tournaments to play in all based on real events with genuine conditions and prize monies.
4 court surfaces - grass, clay, carpet and cement - eacg affecting game play.
Choose which 22 tournaments to play in a full tennis season, against world class competition and aim to earn a million dollars!

Zzap64! Overall Rating:94%
A superlative tennis sim which should appeal to everyone!

International 3D Tennis is a revolutionary new tennis simulation. The innovative use of vector graphics has created a game with unrivalled playability and an unparalled number of features.

"This is fab...a breakthrough...no-one could not to be impressed."

"It's smashing, ace and beats the competition... immense fun, demanding for novice and expert alike, the best sports game for ages!"

Aim to earn a cool million dollars in this remarkable 3D real time animation system.

An infire number of camera angles, 1 or 2 players, 16 skill levels, 72 tournaments and 4 court surfaces - ANYONE FOR TENNIS

Camera 0
Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 3
Camera 4
Camera 5
Camera 6
Camera 7
Camera 8
Camera 9
Two Player Match
Cement Court
Carpet Court
Clay Court