John Lowe's Ultimate Darts
Arcade Mode Game Tips
Written By: Mike Partington
Copyright/Publisher: Gremlin Graphics, Programmed By: Mike Partington,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Darts, Number Of Players: 1 to 8


Iíve had some feedback saying this game was quite hard to play in Arcade mode on the C64. You should read the instructions that came with the game! Ė it gives some Arcade Mode hints and tips. The aimer randomly moves in four triangle motions as shown below.

Place the aiming icon about 1 pixel above the bottom wire of the treble 20 (or try placing it on the bottom wire of the treble 20). Wait for aiming sequence 1 and ignore the other three aiming sequences. The aimer will be going through the horizontal phase by the time you spot that aiming sequence 1 is actually coming up. By the time you react to this, the aimer will be moving back down towards the Treble 20 to the start position.

Press Fire and you should be hitting 180ís galore. The aimer moves at 2 different speeds so press the fire button faster if sequence 1 comes up at the fastest speed. The aimer never drifts away during a triangle movement Ė it always completes the triangle before drifting. If the aimer drifts them pull it back to the bottom wire of the Treble 20 and keep waiting for aim sequence 1. Easy as pie with a bit of practice ! The game also has an auto shoot feature built in to add more pressure.

If you take too long throwing, the computer throws for you. If you need a rest in a game then move the aiming icon to the edge of the screen to stop it moving. This stops the auto-shoot feature counting down. Iíve seen other people play this game by placing the aimer about an inch or so below the Treble 20 and waiting for aim sequence one. The tactic behind this method is to make sure the horizontal phase of aim sequence 1 goes straight through the Treble 20. Youíve got to be fast on the fire button to do it this way but it is possible. I prefer the first method. If you are still struggling then try playing in the Novice Trialz Competition ;-)