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John Madden Football
Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts/Robin Antonick, Programming By: Ron Johnson &
Robin Antonick, Designed By: Robin Antonick, Trip Hawkins & John Madden
Release Year: 1989, Genre: American Football, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Pic. From EA Brochure
Player Ratings:
Each player rated in up to 11 key areas.

Dynamic Simulation:
Every variable impacts gameplay on every play. Player ratings, matchups, field conditions and more.

Realistic Running Game:
Control key player, use Umph Button for extra juice.

Accurate Passing Game:
Crosshair passing feature for pinpoint sharpness.

3 Ways to Play:
Action Game, Strategy Game and Stat Replay Game. It's a game of 1-on-1 matchups. Plan your attack.

Stadium View:
Shows the whole field for passes and kicks.

Action View:
Plays start in this perspective and scroll with the action.

Complete Stats:
Better than the sports section. Instantly updated.

Play Editor:
Design and test offensive and defensive plays.

The 10 Commandments of Computer Football (according to Madden):

1. Play 11-Man Football: "Hey, if there aren't 11 players, it isn't real football."

2. Use real players: "I want the All-Madden Team. The big boys. The flakes. The crazies...my guys."

3. Call plays from my offensive and defensive play books: "I'm the coach, we use my plays. 81 plays in each covers the basics."

4. Design your own plays: "If I pop in the right play at the right time - POW - 6 points."

5. Give me realistic gameplay: "There's a ton of goofball things that can happen on any given play like missed blocks, jukes, and pancakes."

6. Select player controlled action or computer action: "Sometimes I want to take a handoff, hit the Umph button and jam it down your throat."

7. Don't forget gameday conditions: "Some guys aren't mudders. Some guys can't hold a block on grass. That's real football. That's in the game."

8. Call audibles: "If I don't like what I see when we line up I have to get out of it. One wrong play blows the whole game or costs the coach his job."

9. Put in all the other stuff that happens: "Injuries, penalties, timeouts, turnovers, interceptions, situation substitutions - they're a part of the game."

10. Make your own league: "When I build my own teams I need every pro player, player rating, and key stat. I love being the commissioner."