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Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic LTD, Programmed By: David Darling, Graphics By: James Wilson,
Music By: Rob Hubbard, Voice By: Covox Inc, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Racing Sports, No Of Players: 1

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 37%
Disappointing release from Mastertronic. The year is 2008 - it is 7 years since the Global War - the nuclear winter is beginning to pass. The war destroyed civilisation as it used to be - The earths surface is a radioactive battle ground with few survivors. As a scientist working on a secret gouverment military project, in a deep nuclear bunker you were able to survive.

During your years underground you have been working on your own special project - 'The Last V8', based upon an old car which you owned in the eighties. It is now unique - full radiation shielding, computerised with telemodem link to the new sci-base, turbo charged, 8 cylinder, 940 bhp engine, giving a max 410kph.

You have now received permission to take the Last V8 up to the surface to try to make contact with the remnants of mankind - however on your maiden run the sci-base warns you of an imminent threat from one of the delayed attack nuclear warheads which detonate periodically, you have only seconds to return to the intercity and then to sci-base before your radiation shield decays.

In any other car you would stand no chances - in The Last V8, survival is possible - maybe...