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Copyright/Publisher: Paragon Software, Developed By: Mark E. Seremet,
C64 Conversion By: JC Hilty, Three Rivers Software, Artwork By: Jane
Yeager & JC Hilty, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Paragon's "MASTER NINJA" is the most realistic martial arts adventure game available toady. The unique animation is so life-like and exciting that you will believe you are seeing an acutal martial arts battle.

This fast moving, action-packed game features:

* Large, Smoothly Animated 3 1/2 Inch Characters.

* 20 Real-to-Life Martial Arts Moves.

* Obstacles Including Hidden Ninjas, Evil Curses of Black Magic, Hidden Traps, and Even Deadly Tigers.

* Over 25 Combat Screens Where opponents and obstacles Grow More and More Difficult.

* Historic Ninja Weapons Including Knives, Blinding Powder, Throwing Stars, Blow Dart Guns, and Bow and Arrows.

* A Historic Story That Unfolds Like an Actual Ninja Moive with Detail so Great That Even the Constellations in the Sky are Accurate.

* Realistic Sound.