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Download 1 includes following disks: Main Game, Box Score/Stats Compiler Disk, General Manager/Owners Disk & Allstar Team Disk
Download 2 includes following disks: World Series Teams 1960's & 1970's & NL and AL Teams 1985 & 1986
Copyright/Publisher: Micro League Sports Association, Designed By: Barry R. Morstain,
Statistics By: Paul J. Kelly, Programmed By: John I. Graybill, James A. Dorsman, Mark "Adam" Baum &
Stephen L. Cox, Release Year: 1990, Genre: American Baseball, Number Of Players: 0 to 2
Micro League Baseball is the ultimate baseball stragety game which challenges your head, not your hand. You manage actual big league players - setting and changing lineups, choosing pinchhitters, bringing in a releif pitcher you think will do the job. You pick the spots for steal tries, bunts, and hit&run.

All the real life offensse and devensive stragies used by major league tieams. THIS GAME HAS MAJOR LEAGUE TEAMS, LEAGUE CHAMPS, WORLD SERIES WINNERS, AND OTHER ALL STAR TEAMS.