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Rereleased as Olympic Spectacular by Alternative Software
Copyright/Publisher: A&F Software, Programmed By: Database Publications,
Release Year: 1984, Genre: Athletics, Number Of Players: 1

Yes, it's fast, furious fun, pitting yourself against the world's best times and distances on your micro.

You may not be another Steve Ovett or Alan Wells, but with practice you COULD become the Micro Olympics Champion!

YOU can go for gold...with the MICRO OLYMPICS
Fancy pitting yourself against the world's best at this summer's Olympics?

You can do so without going anywhere near Los Angeles - with the most challenging package of programs of 1984.

MICRO OLYMPICS is more than a game. It's a brilliantly written collection of ELEVEN track and field events.

And because we know we're going to sell many thousands of them we've brought the price right down - to just 5.95.

Ever imagined yourself as another Seb Coe? Then try to run against the world record holder at 1500 metres. And if that distance is too much for you then there's always the 100, 200, 400 and 800 metres to have a go at.

Not much at running? Don't worry, MICRO OLYMPICS has many more challenges for you. Why not try your skill at the high jump or the long jump?

And if you can't beat the computer at running or jumping then you can always throw things around in frustration! The trouble is that it's just as hard to be a champion at the discus, the hammer or the javelin.

And the pole vault takes the event to new heights!