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Copyright/Publisher: Alternative Software Limited, Programmed By: Michael J. Lister, Audio Visuals By:
Paul Bellamy, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
The wrestling match is on a desolate asteroid at the edge of the galaxy. Popeye faces his first of five unearthly opponents in front of a hostile alien crowd. Can you help Popeye beat his wrestling opponents and save the Earth, or will our world be over run by the maurauding KRAGGS!?
Our hero Popeye has been kidnapped by the evil KRAGGS who wish to conquer the universe. To find out which planets are vulnerable, an Intergalactic wrestling contest has been arranged. Popeye has been chosen to represent Earth, and must wrestle against 5 different vicious alines to save our world from the KRAGGS!