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Riding The Boards
Copyright/Publisher: Lambourne Games, Programmed By: Anthony W. Mossman,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 4
"RIDING THE BOARDS!" is not an arcade game, but a replay game for all speedway fans, and can be played solo or with up to four players.

Watch out for our next Commodore 64 sports replay game, "Computer Championship Boxing', available shortly.

RIDING THE BOARDS! is the Commodore 64 computer version of the popular board game "The Speedway Scene". It will enable you to stage two-team league matches or four-team tournaments, and the Gradings supplied with the game include all British League and National League riders rated on their 1984 season form. But you will be able to go on playing 'Riding the Boards!' each season, for all you need are the new season's Gradings, available a couple of weeks after the season ends, or the latest averages as published in the speedway press.