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Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts, Programmed by: Stephen Landrum, David Bunch & Michael Kosaka,
Music by: Rob Hubbard, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 6

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 92%
Without doubt a brilliant sports simulation, failing short of a higher accolde due solely to the annoyingly slow loading system.

Rodney's Skate Shop
Stop by and pick up a board, check the high scores, grab a boffing stick, or shoot the bull. He's rude and raunchy, but he's got the only store in town. Use the cursor keys to move the 'Skate or Die' pointer around the screen, press Space to click on the required section.
Hit The Streets
From Rodney's you're set to skate and annoy 5 unique events capture all the action and none of the scars of real skateboarding. Press Fire on 'Go Practice' or 'Go Compete' when you are ready to play. Note that Player One always controls the skater in the Town Square.
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Freestyle - Half Pipe
Smokin' the Half Pipe
Roar down the ramp and fly up the other side. Live on the edge where you go for rock'n rolls, hand plants, leg plants, rail-slides, even methods. Get airborne for 720's ollies, front & back aerials, and tweaks. A score is awarded for every move and a bonus score is awarded at the end of an event for the combination and variation of moves used. Use clicks in the pump zones and lean the controller between pump zones to select the particular
Downhill Jam
Skate & Destroy
Karate chop your way down the baddest alley in the neighbourhood. Smash up trash cans, bottles, fences and the other guy. Rad skaters ramp off the cop car. These controls apply to both of the 'control foots'. Lean in the direction you are facing plus fire and then up or down for high or low punches. (On the joystick this is the diagonal up or down.) Lean in the opposite direction plus fire to kick. Each player will fight against Lester with the best scores coming out tops.
High Jump
Move left and right to increase speed, press fire while you are in the air on the right hand side to settle for your current high jump score.
Downhill Race
Downhill From Here
Race downhill through hurdles, gravel and bushes. Duck quickly and shoot the drainpipe. Radical stunts and the fastest time make a winner. Choose Goofy Footy or Regular Foot before you start the race.
Pool Joust

Mad Max on Wheels
Two skaters aquare off in the pool joust. Wipe Lester's grin off his mug or play up to 8 skaters in elimination bouts to the death.
Pool Joust
To win, there is no limit to the number of games, it's just the first to get 2 slams up on the other skater. The score counts down to zero, if you beat the other guy before he reaches zero then you score the remaining time otherwise you score zero, win or lose.