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On the title screen (where it says Imageworks etc.) type MARTIN to bring up a blurry picture
of his chubby little face. There is a cheat mode too - type BRADFORD-ON-AVON (including hyphens) at the same place. A surreal sound effect will then be heard to confirm that the cheat is now active. From now on during the game, you can press [G] to instantly grab the ball, [T] to tackle your opponent, [F] to freeze the opposition, [+] to increase your score or [RUN/STOP] to automatically win the game.
Copyright/Publisher: Mirrorsoft/Bitmap Brothers, Produced By: Image Works,
Programming: Carl Muller, Graphics By: Alan Tomkins, Sound By: Martin Walker,
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
During the past two years, Speedball has undergone a transformation. Teams have been reorganized and renamed, new stadia have been built, and the league has split into two divisions. The most important changes have occurred on the pitch: it's now 100% bigger, and includes a host of new features. Speedball 2 is a different ball game.