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Released as Alternative World Games by Gremlin Graphics in Europe.
Copyright/Publisher: Epyx/US Gold/Novotrade, Game Concept: Ian Stewart & Tamas Revbiro,
Programmed by: Gyula Hodi, Attila Korisanszki, Gabor Pongyor & Antal Zolnai,
Graphics by: Attila Horvath & Janos Zana, Music/Effects by: Ben Dalglish,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 4
Ah, Italy. Where Galileo meets Gelato. And you meet eight of the most hilarious, action packed events starting with a sack race in pot holed Naples.

Next, its on to Pisa to balance a pile of pasta plates. Six more zany events make this an intensely fun game from U.S. Gold.

Sports-A-Roni was released as Alternative World Games in Europe.

It'sa wild. It'sa wacky. It's Sports-A-Roni! Take eight of the silliest sports ever invented. Put them in eight of Italy's liveliest locations. Then invite 18 different countries to compete. And what have you got? Some downright, old-fashioned, world-class fun!

Start with a sack race in pot-holed Naples. Then pop over to Pisa to balance a precarious pile of pasta plates. Next it's on to Rome, where you'll hurl Casanova's boot with or without a bootful of water. Then try to pole vault the Arno river without ending up with your head in the sand.

Scale a pole in Verona that's coated with Italy's finest olive-oil and topped with her bubbliest seltzer. And if you're really starting to climb the walls by now, Venice is the place to do it. But don't forget your hat!

When you take part in a pillow fight on a wobbly gondola, someone's going to end up in the canal. Then last but not least, pogo through a field of ancient ruins bursting balloons as you go.

Play as many games as you like. Against as many as six opponents. Then view your final scores and placements on a special screen at the end of each event.

Sports-A-Roni. It's enough to make you a little crazy. Which is exactly what makes it so much fun!

Sack Race
Pile Of Plates
Boot Throwing
River Jump
Pole Climbing
Run Up The Wall
Pillow Fight
Pogo Stick