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Copyright/Publisher: Gamestar, Created by: Troy Lyndon, Concept/Graphics by: Doug Barnett,
Produced by: Scott Orr & John Cutter, Music by: Tommy Dunbar & John Fitzpatrick,
Release Year: 1985, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Set the characteristics of your fighter, from attitude to boxing style. Get strength and stamina you'll need for the fight at training camp.
The art of boxing. Where raw talent alone isn't enough. Where image, style, training and strategy can make or break you. Where doing your best is as important as winning.

Whether you go undefeated in your quest for the championship or just train a boxer for a long distance dream match against a friend, you'll enjoy the art of boxing like never before.

Play against 18 different circuit boxers; create your own boxer; go into pre-fight training to fine tune your boxer's stamina, endurance and strength; train your fighter for a "dream match"; incredibly life-like animation including full arsenal of punches, defensive moves, footwork, etc.; realistic ringside atmosphers...from the opening bell and crowd cheers to the "thud" of a solid body shot and cameras flasing at fight's end.