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Copyright/Publisher: Infogrames, Programmed By: Kamel Bala, William Hennebois,
Laurent Salmeron, Alain Vialon & Sylvain Tintillier, Graphics By: Didier Chanfray,
Music By: Jason Page, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 4
Do you like porridge? Bobo certainly doesn't - he's gone stir crazy doing time in the notorious prison, INSEESLAMMER. He's desperate to get out, and his best friend is a trampoline!

Using this, he and his fellow inmates can jump from their cell windows and bounce over the wall.

Once over the wall they have to negotiate three electrical wires, jumping from one to another to avoid electrocution. Then on to freedom - or is it?

When Bobo's not trying to escape, he has his daily tasks, ranging from spud-bashing and dishing up in the canteen, to cleaning the floor whilst other prisoners insist on walking across it!

And the warden just loves to catch Bobo out, so even one footprint can spell trouble.

The Canteen
To pick up food, move to the top and press fire. Move around to the prisoners and feed them using fire. Pick up more food when the one you have is empty.
The Trampoline
Move joystick left and right to bounce the prisoners over the wall. Time it carefully or the prisoners may break their neck.
Pull Joystick down to get a potato. Waggle joystick left-right to peel. Press fire to throw away potato.
The Electrical Wires
Move joystick left and right. Avoid the electricity and pick up the green cylinders.
The Dormitory
Push fire to get your roomates to sleep. Press fire to jump over the thing down on the middle of your screen. To go to sleep, go to your bed and press fire. Get some rest or you will fall asleep while you work.