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Copyright/Publisher: California Dreams/LDW Inc, Lead Programmer: T.Serwatka,
Programmed By: A.Brzozowski, D.Blaszczak, Z.Dabroski, J.Marchel, J.Romanczuk &
M.Grzegorzewski, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1
Ok, so shool's out for the summer. So how are you gonna spend your time? Workin' for old man Finnegan in his hardware store? Naw, though you do need the cash. Twistin' the nights away at the soda shop? Naw, not very exciting. What about those measly few bucks in your pocket? You gonna spend them the first week to impress Becky Sue? Naw, she still wouldn't look at you.

What say you put your time and your bucks to good use this summer. You're a good grease-monkey and a better driver. Buy an old crate, soup it up, and cruise down to Bob's Drive-In. There's always some action there. Some real action: racing. You know you can beat half of those twerps already. And if you can raise some quick cash and buy a better rod, you can beat the rest. You know with the right car you can beat the king. Then you'll have some cash and Becky Sue.