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Superstar Soccer
Released as Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer by Gremlin Graphics in Europe.
Copyright/Publisher: Sport Time/Mindscape/Designstar Consultants,
Programmed By: Simon Ffinch & Mike Goodwin, Graphics By: Ed Ringler,
Music By: John A. Fitzpatrick, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Football/Soccer, No. Of Players: 1
Welcome to the SportTime Soccer League, better known as the SSL. Headers, bicycle kicks, passes, dribbling, injuries - Superstar Soccer contains all the action, realism, and excitement of outdoor soccer. Play center forward or goal-keeper.

Play against another player or against a computer-controlled team, or have the computer play against itself.

You also can have two players play against the computer, where one player con-trols a teamís center and the other player controls the same teamís goalie. Compete in regular league play or practice games.