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Copyright/Publisher: Accolade, Designer: Distinctive Software, inc., Programmed by: Kris Hatlelid &
Kevin Pickell, Producer: Selley Day, Tests: Pam Levins, Art: John Boechler & Theresa Henry,
Music: Kris Hatlelid, Manual: Jeff Hoff, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1
You pull even. The other driver looks you over. He raises his thumb... then roars ahead, finding another 40 or 50 KPH in the bowels of his 478-horse, twin-turbo V-8. You glance at your instrumentation. You've always wanted to explore the depths of the famous Porsche 6th gear. You shift. You rocket, head to head, down the desert chute. You wind up treacherous mountain curves. You hurtle through lush woodland corridors.

And the cops are out in droves.

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 77%
A worthy sequel - great fun for all fast car fans.

Imagine the desert. Flat. Hot. Roads that drill straight ahead into perpetuity. A driver's dream. Now, imagine yourself at the wheel of a silver gem known as the Porsche 959. The world's fastest production car. That's what they told when you plunked down your quarter-of-a-million dollars, anyway. You're cruising at 200 KPH, feeling very royal, very kind-of-the-road.

Nothing in these parts can touch you. Or so you think.

Suddenly, there is a blur in the passing lane.

You blink. Whatever it was had to be going at least 240 KPH. You put your pedal to the metal and investigate. Up ahead, in a perfect red haze of automotive harmony, cruises a machine unlike any you've seen before. Your jaw drops. It's the legendary Ferrari F40 - as sleek a piece of Kevlar and carbon-reinforced plastic as ever rolled off a production line.