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Copyright/Publisher: Accolade, Design: Mike Lorenzen, Graphics: Roseann Mitchell,
Music: Ed Bogas, Producer: Sam Nelson, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Come face to face with a heavyweight champ! Too many boxing games place the player outside the ring looking in. How can you experience the adrenaline jolt of landing a crisp uppercut from the cheap seats?

Now, you can literally "enter the ring" with TKO---the boxing game that sticks you right on the canvas, staring straight into the eyes of a prize fighter bent on rearranging your face. Weigh in the contenders.

Witness the punishment of the punches on each fighter's face...they swell, they bruise, they trun black and blue. Fight a stable of hungry contenders, each with his own ringside manner; slug it out wil large, animated fighters; pick on somebody your own size; You can run...but you can't hide!

With TKO, you can come face-to-face with a heavyweight champ! With special features like a split screen; great animation; one or two player capability; have choice of your competitors; and keep stats on the other boxers.

I used to think my broadcast booth at ringside was the closest I'd ever come to the true boxing experience. Then I played TKO computer boxing.

Talk about "up close and personal!" TKO put me right in the ring, face to face with a heavyweight champ. During a fight I like to do all the jawing.

With TKO I got to jab at a fighter's jaw. I threw a right...it landed!

I could actually see those familiar signs of wear and tear on the champ's face. At the bell, the champ had a black eye, a fat lip and - I suspect - a bruised ego.

It's a unanimous decision. Accolade's TKO captures the feeling of boxing like no other game.