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Copyright/Publisher: Beyond Software/Strategic Simulations Inc., Original Design: Don Daglow,
Programming, Technical Design & Sound Effects: Mark Buchignani, Art & Animation: Arturo Sinclair &
David Bunnett, Design Team: Michael Green, Mark Buchignani, David Bunnett, Donn Daglow, Hudson Piehl,
Statistical Input: Katie Jack, Music: The Fat Man, Arrangement: Linwood Taylor,
SSI Developer: Nicholas Beliaeff Release Year: 1991, Genre: Baseball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
"The most exciting baseball simulation - ever!"

Tony LaRussa's Ultimate Baseball sets a new standard! This superb game has everything: State-of-the-art graphics. Stunning animation. Ultra realistic action. The biggest, most detailed ballpark ever created. Plus, you get stats of yesteryears' stars - 26 teams loaded with all-time great players are included.

Varying levels of difficulty and detail make Tony LaRussa's Ultimate Baseball as challenging or as easy as you like. So step up to the plate - it's time to play ball!


- Tony LaRussa helped create this exciting simulation.

- Biggest, most detailed ballpark ever created - over twice as big as any other game.

- Includes more frames of high-quality animation than any other C-64 baseball game ever published.

- Unique fielding system makes catching fly balls easy - even lets you react to sharp grounders.

- Bring your defense in for the play at the plate, or hang back and hope for the double play.

- Every aspect of real big-league players' hitting and pitching is considered.

- Includes a variety of special "trademark" pitches such as knucklers, screwballs and even splitfinger fastballs.

- Includes 26 teams of the hottest superstars of yesteryear.

- The computer is a lively opponent - fielders back up plays and execute complex run-downs. Fast runners take the extra base to set up scoring opportunities.

- Play against the computer, against a friend, or sit back and let the computer handle everything.

- Two levels of game play make Tony LaRussa's Ultimate Baseball easy to learn.