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Copyright/Publisher: Cinemaware, Lead programmer: Daniel Lucas, Programmed by: Craig Seastrom,
Graphics by: Ken Hard, Sound Effects By: Jim Simmons, Game Tester: James Maxwell, Producer: Patrick
Cook, Executive Producer: Phyllis & Bob Jacob, Release Year:1989, Genre: Am.Football, No Of Players: 1-28

ZZAP64! Overall Rating: 92%
The ultimate American Football sim has arrived on the C64. A must for fans!

Strap on your helmet and get ready for a pro football simulation that looks exactly like a Sunday network broadcast. TV SPORTS: Football features amazing graphics and animations; real arcade action on offense and defense; individual and team statistics; and a 28 team, 16 game schedule with post season playoffs!
Create a league with up to 28 human controlled franchises.
All teams have different offensive and defensive tendencies.
Play it as an arcade game or coach from the sidelines.
Play alone, against a friend or with a friend against the computer.
Includes "pushbuton statistics" to view the top performers in the league.