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Copyright/Publisher: Imagine, Programmer: Dave Collier, Graphics: Steve Wahid,
Music By: Martin Galway, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Your ultimate goal is to become a grand-master but to achieve this you must defeat a variety of opponents each more deadly than the last. They are armed with different skills and weapons and must be overcome with a combination of 10 different attack moves.
Yie Ar Kung Fu is a test of skill development in the traditional Martial Arts. It features Oolong in his attempts to become a Grand Master in the ancient skills in honour of his father, a kung fu master before him.
There's only one way to attain the immortal glory of the Kung Fu Grand Master - you must survive the mortal danger of the Final Battle! Years ago, Oolong saw his father perish in the Quest...and now, after a long, torturous apprenticeship, he is ready to risk his own life, to achieve what his father could not.

Five fighters and six masters stand in his path, ready to match the would-be Grand Master in this Fight to the Death. He'll need the strength of 10 men - and even that won't be enough! Will Oolong prevail? Or will he follow in his father's footsteps to the grave. Only you can decide!
The controls are by means of joystick and the games as a one or two player option.

BUCHU - A huge kung-fu figher who...
...can attach by flying through the air.
STAR - A beautiful girl warrior who is expert...
... at throwing deadly stars or SHURIKEN.
NUNCHA - Master of the NUNCHAKA.
NUNCHA - beware his reach.
POLE - Attacks with the ancient rod or BO.
POLE - Attacks with the ancient rod or BO.
CHAIN - Is skilled in the art...
...of fighting with a deadly chain.
CLUB - This fighter is armed with a shield...
... to deflect your blows and a club to strike back.
FAN - Another female adversary,
this time an exponent at the NINJAFAN.
SWORD - Sword carrying opponent,
a fearsome and deadly foe.
TONFUN - Skilled in the art of fighting...
... with flailing sticks or TONFUN.
BLUES - The Kung-Fu master himself, has all the...
skills and manu of the moves of Oolong, but faster.
Unlimited energy: POKE 47270,173: SYS 828
Invincibility: POKE 36445,173: SYS 828
No enemies: POKE 41603,208: SYS 828

Jump to the right (joystick top right) and apply repeated kicks to the head (fire button plus joystick up).

Jump to the right and apply repeated kicks to the head until she has been hit twice. Immediately jump up three times, then kick her in the head again until she is hit. Perfrom one more kick and jump twice. Repeat until she is on her back.

Jump to the right and apply fast leg sweeps until he falls. If he should escape, jump up, land on him and continue sweeping.

As above, but if he gets free, wait until he comes for you and drops his pole to shoulder height before you leg sweep again.

Jump to the right. Wait until he moves to your right before attacking him as outlined above.

As above.

Jump to the right (yawn!) and wait until she moves to your right. Use continuous roundhouse kicks until she falls.

Follow the Chain and Club method.

Ton Fun
Keep jumping left and right until you land on him, then apply continous leg sweeps to finish him off. If he gets free, start jumping again until you land on him, and carry on sweeping as before.

Jump to the right (bet that surprised you). As Blues jumps back to the right and is about to land, jump straight up. When you land, apply repeated leg sweeps. If he starts to hit you, pull the joystick diagonally down and away from him, then continue sweeping.