Bangkok Knights
Copyright/Publisher: System 3, Production By: Mark Cale & Tim Best, Graphics By: Hugh Riley, Music By: Rob Hubbard,
Samples By: Simon Nicol, Program By: Orlando M.Pilchard, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Boxing, No.of Players: 1 or 2

From the humble peasant farmers of Thailand came one of the world's most devastating forms of combat, Thai Boxing - the fastest, meanest and most exciting full contact sport on the world of martial arts.

In this unique simulation of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) you must fight your way from the cliff ledge above your village, through the jungle and into the streets of Bangkok. Only after defending all the street-wise opponents will you be granted the right of fight in the famous Lumpini stadium, here you will encounter the greatest exponents of the sport, the Bangkok Knights.

By using unique and Innovative programming techniques you will have to combat the largets, cartoon-like, animated characters ever seen and with the action set against eight way smooth scrolling backgrounds plus state of the art music and digitised sound effects. But beware, the Bangkok Knights are not known for the chivairy. They will often surprise you with comical cheat moves and you might die laughing.

Joystick Port 2, Second joystick inserted in port 1 for 2 players.

[F1] - One Player Game
[F3] - Two Player Game
[F5] - Toggle Music+Sound Effects or just Sound Effects
[F7] - Change joystick operating systems
[Commodore Key] - Pause
[SPACE] - Un-Pause and begin game
[RUN/STOP] - Abort game

Within the game is the ability to change some of the games attributes. This is done by typing a sequence of number keys. This feature can only be carried out before a player has pressed fire, or space to start a game.

Key Sequence, Attribute Change:
3070 to 3085 : Background Multicolor 1
5160 to 5175 : Sprite Multicolor 1
8280 to 8295 : Sprite Multicolor 2
8740 to 8755 : Background Multicolor 2
0000 : Returns attributes to default values.

Joystick movements:
Joystick system 1:
When button not pressed joystick controls movements around the screen. When pressed it controls these actions:

[UP] - Punch left/right (alternating left,right is automatic)
[UP+RIGHT] - Elbow left/right (as for punch above)
[RIGHT] - Shin Kick
[DOWN+RIGHT] - Knee Blow
[DOWN] - Kick left/right (as for punch)
[DOWN+LEFT] - Automatic Block
[LEFT] - Automatic Block
[UP+LEFT] - Jump Kick

Heart Power
Shows the fighters energy left. No energy left is needed for a knock-out.

Punch Power
Effectiveness of your blows and punches. To restore power you must stay in defensive mode.

Time left in bout

Your score

Score in this match

1st Opponent: Manchu Man
To defeat Manchu Man all you have to do is keep your distance and punch him. If he comes close, knee or shin kick him and he should back off, allowing you to finish him off with a few good punches. No problem really.

2nd Opponent: Dan Fists
All you have to do to this guy is punch and fly kick, and he hardly ever comes close. If, by some extraordinary quirk of fate, he does, back off quickly or he'll use his Ninja magic and put you out for good!

3rd Opponent: Bambo Man
This one usually stays quite far out, allowing some of the better kicks to be used. If he comes too close, just back off and knee him until he takes a couple of steps back, and carry on kicking him.

4th Opponent: Killa Kale
This old guffer is the hardest of the lot! Keep your distance and punch, throwing the odd kick for good measure. If he comes in close, back off - because once he starts kicking you're as good as dead. Just keep on your toes, and victory is yours.

5th Opponent: Siam Sally
To beat this macho female into submission, just keep your distance and either use a combination of five punches to one kick, or five kicks to one punch. If you think that sounds odd, try it out for yourself and see if you win.

6th Opponent: Mucho Mike
Just keep your distance and keep on kicking, and there shouldn't be too many problems. If he does wander (and you're pretty unlucky if he does) just punch or elbow him.

7th Opponent: Daddy Kale
A bit of a toughie this one. Continually punch him, and try not to kick. If he comes in close watch out for his deadly headbutt.

8th Opponent: B.B.Butler
Oddly enough, the last of the kick boxers is one of the easiest to beat - what an anticlimax! As soon as the bell goes, do a flying kick to head, then shin kick him until his energy is very low, and finally polish him off with a couple of punches. After that, stare against at the rubbish ending screen and saunter off and make a cup of tea...

Did you know (and not a lot of people know this), that this boxing game has a - well a sort of cheat mode. It doesn´t give infinite lives or anything useful like that, oh no.

What it does though, is...Tell you what, try it and see for yourself. What you have to do is turn off the music and enter the code 9990. Now play the first few bars of Koyaanasqatsi using the numbers as notes, and voila! The 'cheat' is now active...

Ah, yes, Koyaaanasqatsi: Try 6360 6360 7370 7370 6269 6269 8070 6030. Bizarre...